The Sherbet Quilt Pattern Launched!

We're celebrating here at Mojave Farms with the launch of our newest quilt pattern, Sherbet!

The Sherbet pattern is not only fat quarter friendly, but also beginner friendly! Sherbet also has two options! The large block and small block pattern options are both included in the Sherbet pattern so you get two patterns for the price of one! 

Now if you've been following us on social media for a while you might remember a time where we went hunting for some very specific "fig" fabric. I could only find a couple of fat quarters of it, but I wanted to make an entire quilt! Some awesome TikTok friends sent me fat quarters here and there over the next few weeks and I got enough together that I was able to create BOTH versions of the Sherbet pattern! 

When I initially drew up the rough design for the Sherbet pattern, I didn't scale it correctly, and ended up with HUGE blocks and a large throw. I wasn't sure that everyone would like such large blocks, so I decided to go back to the drawing board, rework the math, and came up with the small block pattern. But then looking at them both side by side, I couldn't decide which one I liked the best to create into a pattern, and I certainly wasn't going to double charge for the pattern, so "two for the price of one" it is!


I went dark on these mock ups to test out the pattern before I sent it to our group of pattern testers simply because it's what went the best with the fig fabric I so desperately wanted to use. But what colorway do you see yourself doing it in?

Right now we have some gorgeous yardage available, as well as some amazing fat quarter bundles! Here's some of my favorites!




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