The Holidays have Hit the Shop!

I truly do love all things holidays! I love decorating, the scented candles, the presents under the tree, all of it! But sometimes when I'm working on a new craft or decoration for the house, I don't necessarily want it to include the typical Christmas images - Santa, gingerbread cookies, Christmas trees, snowmen, etc. I want the colors of the holidays, to capture the holiday feelings, but I don't want my decor to scream Christmas at me. 

So here's what we did this year! We found 12 "holiday themed" fabrics from Art Fabrics and we put fat quarter and half-yard bundles together for you! 

These bundles have no sterotypical Christmas images on them, but working together, they capture the essence of the holidays and will make the perfect project fabrics! 

Shop the Holiday Fabric Bundles HERE!

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