Quilt Sizing

As someone who has been quilting for years I’ve learned a thing or two about quilt sizes and I’m excited to share my tips with you, including a Freebie!
When it comes to finding the right size for your quilt, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, you need to think about the intended use for your quilt. Will it be a throw for your couch, used for everyday cuddling? Or will it need to be much larger so it can be used as a bedspread for your king size bed? Knowing the intended purpose for your quilt will help determine the size.
For example, a lap quilt should measure around 50” - 60”, whereas a queen-size bedspread quilt will require a larger size of about 90” - 108”. It’s also important to remember that the larger the quilt, the more fabric you will need, so keep that in mind when planning your project and budget.
Another thing to consider is the design of the quilt. Some patterns lend themselves better to certain sizes than others. For example a block-based quilt might work well for the patterns designated size, but if you try to size it up to a larger size for your bed, you may end up short or very far over your desired size because adding an extra block adds too many inches, while not adding that extra block would leave you way too short. 
In addition to the intended use and design of your quilt, you’ll also want to take into account the size of the fabric you’re working with. Fabric typically comes in widths of 42-44 inches, so if you’re using a standard width, you’ll want to factor that into your calculations. Fabric that has a solid color or very small repeating patterns will work great for smaller pieces in your pattern. Large print floral works well for quilt backing, but will leave you disappointed when you cut it into small pieces for your quilt blocks and you completely lose the gorgeous florals you fell in love with.
If you’re still unsure about the perfect size for your quilt, there are plenty of resources available online. Our website, for example, has a FREE handy chart in our Freebies section that lists standard quilt sizes for everything from baby quilts to king-size bedspreads. This can be a great starting point for figuring out the size you want to make.
Ultimately, the size of your quilt depends on your personal preferences and the project pattern you have in mind. Take time to consider all the factors and don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the perfect size for your project.
Happy quilting!
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