New Quilt Pattern Launch and a Confetti QAL Update

We've had such a great launch of the Confetti QAL! It has been so heartwarming to hear from everyone and feel the excitement! We've loved seeing everyone using the hashtags #confettiqal and #confettiquilt and being inspired by everyone's different vision of the pattern!
We're only a couple weeks in, and YES! we're doing one right along side of you! The other night we did so much pressing and cutting and chainstitching! Late night, but definitely worth it when you think of the huge dent we're putting in our scrap bins!
Today is also an amazing day because it's Stained Glass release day!
Stained Glass was created to be both yardage and layer cake friendly and guess what? We have so many layer cakes to choose from in the shop, with new fabric deliveries on the regular, so be sure to keep checking back!
Another great thing about Stained Glass is that there are two different layout options! Initially when I decided to design Stained Glass, it was because my husband had gifted me with the Wild and Forgotten layer cake. Designed by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabrics. But it was so beautiful that I struggled so much to find a pattern that would utilize as much of the fabric as possible, but also a pattern that wouldn't have such small pieces that you couldn't see the beautiful fabric! So...I had to figure out the quilt math myself!
One of the options (on the left) as you'll see below, is keeping the 10" layer cake pieces placed together so you can still enjoy the fabric, but cutting it so you can insert some sashing fabric and create a block. The other option (on the right) still includes cutting the 10" pieces, but completely rearranging them so no two same fabrics are touching. And both options are equally stunning!
Which one would you choose?
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